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Councilor Gardner Recall: District 3 Calls for a Change in Representation
Contact: Concerned Citizens for District 3 Safety, Security and Representation
Before Councilor Gardner
After Councilor Gardner



     The mission of the Duluth City Council is to develop effective public policy rooted in citizen involvement that results in excellent municipal services and creates a thriving community prepared for the challenges of the future. The Duluth City Councilor for District 3 has failed to uphold this important mission.

The most recent evidence of the lack of public policy rooted in citizen involvement  is the new Street Repair Fee and the Park Point Small Area Plan, initiated by the District 3 City Councilor. After a year and a half of attempting to push the flawed Small Area Plan through, the plan did not come close to gaining consensus among District 3 residents.

" The May 27th Duluth City Council meeting was attended by over 100 District 3 residents concerned about the Park Point Small Area Plan.  They were summarily disregarded as Councilor Gardner represented only her personal viewpoint vs acknowledging the plan’s serious misgivings voiced overwhelmingly by constituents in attendance at the meeting.

Any District 3 resident will say their most basic municipal service concerns are safety and security. Yet, our District 3 Councilor failed to support constituent’s concerns about safety and security around the closure of Fire Hall # 5. Without these most  basic city services thousands of individuals are at risk including Duluth residents, visitors, residents of nursing homes and employees, multiple businesses, multiple marinas, three posted swimming beaches, an active airport and federal maritime entities including the US Coast Guard and the Corps of Engineers and their employees. Councilor Gardner failed to support her constituents, more than 600 of whom signed a petition, concerning the safety risk of closing Fire Hall # 5. Once again, Councilor Gardner failed to respond to her constituent’s safety concerns.

All of Duluth residents have the right to a safe environment and citizens have come to expect that their basic safety needs will be met.  Councilor Gardner has failed to look at the broader picture and failed to provide a safety net for ALL in Duluth who play, work, visit, do business or live in District 3. Given the diversity and density of District 3, Councilor Gardner has not effectively recognized and has failed to act to provide safety measures not only for District 3, but a safety net for all in Duluth.

District 3 business owners and residents will no longer be intimidated by Councilor Gardner for speaking out against her oppressive leadership and her failure to effectively provide basic safety, security and representation for her constituents, therefore we are initiating this recall.



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-Dry fire hydrant in front of Park Point nursing home-
Recall petiton signing booth on Park Point at the corner of Lake and 11th. Unfortunately since we all work for a living, the booth is only open on weekends. You can pick up your signs here also.